Spring and Cannon Streetscape

Charleston, SC

City of Charleston Park Department

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KBS was the prime consultant selected to develop a gateway Master Plan to the Cannonborough district.

Located in this district are, Spring & Cannon Streets. These were previously one-way parallel corridors connecting the Cross-town and the Ashley River Bridges to Upper King Street in downtown Charleston. As a traffic calming benefit, the design team proposed converting the traffic pattern from one way to two way. The design team was responsible for public meetings, perspective renderings, preliminary designs, surveys, traffic signalization/control plans, electrical designs, permitting, contract documents/specifications, bidding assistance & construction administration.

Spring and Cannon Streetscape
Spring and Cannon Streetscape

The Benefits of two-way conversion:

Less driving

Less confusion

Better traffic access

Eliminates the need to drive blocks and blocks out of the way

No need to make extra turns to get to nearby destination

Drivers can get directly to their destination

Increases commercial traffic and business

Decreases the speed of traffic and awareness of pedestrians


Services Provided

Prime Consultant

Master planning

Cost Estimates

Permitting Process

Bid Documents

Construction Administration