Integrating environmentally sound principles with the needs of humans.

Integrating environmentally sound principles with the needs of humans.

Since 1946, KBS has been a leader in the profession in South Carolina and beyond, relying on our vast project experience on environmentally sensitive and historically significant sites.

We are resourceful, knowing that the land we’re working upon is sensitive, it’s a gift to be taken care of and nurtured.

Our Story

Family history is here, etched on the land, and childhood exploration, and adolescent escapes.

KBS can help bring your vision to life with our bespoke landscape design.


Let’s have a conversation(s)

We consider the owner/client as the most important member of the design team. Our job is to be good, active listeners. Asking the engaging and thoughtful questions to better understand your project vision, goals, needs, and budget. Based on this initial conversation other design disciplines maybe included as part of the design team (i.e., architects, engineers, archaeologist, planners). Our team-based interdisciplinary approach means every aspect of your project will receive the highest level of design expertise and project management to assure its total success. This will be the first of many conversations as we, all, work together to bring your ideas into reality.


Site Analysis

The interesting part about landscape architecture is that no two sites are the same. This means that every design is tailored to the site with the client’s vision in mind. At the beginning of the project, we will conduct a thorough site analysis identifying existing characteristics that should be preserved, enhanced, or leveraged. During this step we identify any site limitations or legal restrictions. We begin developing the design program and start envisioning how the site and the program are integrated. We specialize in integrating your goals with the existing site characteristics. This results in increased project value and reduction in overall construction cost.


Conceptual Design

Design to us is problem solving. We draw from decades of experience to offer you practical, yet creative design solutions. We will present you with preliminary concepts for your input and approval. We will provide you with multiple graphical illustrations (hand sketches, computer renderings and virtual 3D modeling etc.) so that you clearly understand and are comfortable with the direction of the design concept. 


Design Documents and Permitting

Design is in the details. This is the stage that we turn beautiful renderings into construction documents. Documents that will be use for bidding, submitting to permitting agencies, and during construction. We will work with you to select all final details and finishes. We will update probable cost of construction to ensure we are within budget. Required permits will be submitted and we will be actively engaged with reviewers to ensure your project is approved in a timely manner.


Bidding, Negotiating, and Construction Administration

From competitively bidding out your project, to negotiating the final contract, we will be with you throughout the contractor selection process. During construction we visit the site frequently, provide timely responses to contractor’s request for information, and administered the construction contract to ensure construction goes as smoothly as possible.

"Carefully planned and managed land development resulted in the preservation of significant natural areas while providing substantial benefits to both man and nature."

Chestnut Hill Association, Bailey Island Club

Order of the PalmettoOrder of the Palmetto

Order of the Palmetto

What a wonderful day honoring a man has meant so much to our firm and the landscape architecture profession in South Carolina for the past 50 years. “Ken Simmons has dedicated his life to creating the thriving landscape architecture profession that currently exists in South Carolina,” said Governor Henry McMaster. “Through his landscape architecture firm and lifetime of public service to the profession, he has worked to create countless spaces that have preserved our natural environments, revitalized our urban areas, and promoted tourism. His dedication to growing his profession and creating a better South Carolina for us all makes him an ideal candidate for the Order of the Palmetto.” Thank you Ken for all you have done for the landscape architecture profession!

Hyatt ParkHyatt Park

Hyatt Park

As a gateway to the South Carolina capital city Columbia, Eau Claire's Hyatt Park represents an opportunity for symbiosis between the human and natural environment.

The 11-acre park previously featured both passive and active opportunities. The all-new Hyatt Park redesign implemented many new park amenities such as hill slides, play structures, a splash pad, a large open play field, a multi-use amphitheater, an interactive stream, and much more.

Three Rivers GreenwayThree Rivers Greenway

Three Rivers Greenway

KBS recently finished working with the River Alliance, City of Columbia, and the Richland County Transportation Program to design and construct the latest phase, the Saluda River-walk. This three-mile section around Columbia’s Riverbanks Zoo, includes access to the Lower Saluda River with plans to connect to Lexington Medical Center and the Lake Murray Dam. This new addition acknowledges, and highlights features such as the former Saluda Factory dam without touching or disturbing them; restroom and maintenance facilities reflect the 1830s architecture of buildings along the former Saluda Canal.

Camden Riverfront Environmental ParkCamden Riverfront Environmental Park

Camden Riverfront Environmental Park

The closure of a wastewater lagoon along the Wateree River opened a conservation and recreation opportunity for the City of Camden. Rather than simply filling in the site, city leaders chose to opportunity for the City of Camden. The park provides a place for wildlife habitat, environmental education, and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Forest Acres ParkForest Acres Park

Forest Acres Park

The site located in the heart of Forest Acres along Gills Creek. KBS was tasked to design a space to create a sense of place or “town square” for the popular bedroom community of Columbia.  The site features a police memorial to honor two fallen officers, a splash pad/event stage, waterfront promenade, open lawn, food truck parking, and extensive landscaping.